Frequently Asked Questions

What is Without Judgment?

Without Judgement is a third or first person open world action rpg. Set in the futuristic Florida, you are going to be able to freely explore the countless cities and settlements across the state. Experience engaging and dynamic quests and random encounters which can be solved in multiple ways.

What was the inspiration behind Without Judgement?

A: We were inspired by many different movies and video games. The major inspirations for the gameplay were the Metal Gear Solid series, Bethesda RPG-s, PS2 GTA games, and the original Deus Ex. The game's story is heavily inspired by 80s-90s cinema (everything from Miami Vice to the X-files). But our goal is to keep the game's plot relativly grounded. We don't want to make it too dystopic, and art-house like, and we give a our own twist to every 80s-90s tropes. One interesting example is the Buddy cop dynamic. Almost every time in movies the main characters were polar opposites to each other, but people in real life are not that idealistic. What if in a movie, the cops were two broken, disillusioned men who got into the similar life situation for two different reasons.

What is our main objective with game?

A: The main objective is going to be solving a murder mystery case, but there will be a lot of side quests and dynamic random encounters that will take you through different sprawling megacities deserts and swamps. The map is huge both in it scale and size, it's sort of like GTA SA's map . The game is very open, and there are a lot of characters and factions in the game that you can join/work for so you can really carve your own path, just like in Bethesda games. The game is also very systematic, different corporations and gangs have rivals and they often fight with each other in the game's open world, every interaction you make with them will have an affect on the gameplay and on the story. The core gameplay loop is heavily inspired by the MGS games, you can use a lot of different gadgets, tools and skills to achive your goals. We want to make the game really open ended.

Which platforms will Without Judgment be available on?

A: Without Judgment will be a PC title on release. However, and depending on its success as a PC title, we are interested in releasing it on gaming consoles.

Will Without Judgment feature controller support?

A: Yes.

Will there be a Merch Store?

A: We plan on launching a merchanside store closer to or at the release of the game.

Will there be Physical Copies of Without Judgment?

A: We plan on producing some in a limited amount.

What engine does Without Judgment use?

A: Our custom built Java & LWJGL based engine.

What storefronts is Without Judgment available on?

A: Currently only on Steam.

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